Accidentally deleted /usr directory

Hello I just deleted /usr directory!! How can I get it back ???
I don’t have timeshift installed. I can’t do any command from terminal now. Things are disappearing from the screen.

Please help, I’m trying not to panic right now.

try reinstalling all

/usr essentially contains your whole operating system, minus logs and spools (which are in /var), system-wide configuration data (which are in /etc), the kernel images, CPU microcode and initramfs (which are in /boot) and the user data (which is in /home). /opt may contain a few binaries, but none of that is essential for having a working system.

If you don’t have any backups, then I’m afraid reinstalling is your only option. And it’s a lesson hard-learned that you do need to regularly make backups.

The only good news is that your user data is still intact. You can use the live session of the install medium to make a backup of that first.



Thanks @Aragorn.

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@GokuSan, it would be interesting to hear just how you managed to do this.

Hello @merlock, currently writing from life support :smiley: , copying files to external HDD.

Well… I was patching st-terminal and since I couldn’t find how to set the font properly, on
xfce-terminal 12px is just fine and on st-terminal 14px is still small - 16 too big, I was super pissed.
Plus I made I a mistake with one of the patches and I had to reverse it sooo… , pamac gave me notice
that there is 1pckg to update and I was like yea sure I pressed update. It was brave browser. After awhile
it stopped. I don’t know weather it was pamac that froze or something, so I killed pamac and uninstalled brave. Than I decided to delete all of brave files on my system.

So the command in my head was sudo fd 'brave.*' -tf /usr -X rm and what I actually wrote was sudo rm 'brave.*' /usr . All because I was pissed of and did not pay attention to what I was writing.

As far as not having timeshift or backups, well I didn’t think I will ever need them 'cause I always look twice when writing a sudo command, except now :sweat_smile: . So this will serve me as a lesson.

And that is it.


Blinded by anger…been there, done that, and got a t-shirt, too. :slight_smile:

I know it’s a pretty crappy way of having to learn a lesson…but, as long as you do learn…

Good luck.


I know theres a joke somewhere in here about “going super saiyan on the /usr directory”.

alias kamehameha='sudo rm'
kamehameha 'brave.*' /usr

… eh … close enough. :japanese_goblin:

Hello :slight_smile: , finally fixed… + / - some things.

Can anyone recommend a good theme that has material colors, something like the old
Adapta-Nokto-Eta-Maia ??? from Illyria. I love that theme.


The first thing that comes to mind is
matchama which I made after the adapta themes.
then materia-manjaro and qogir (which has a ‘manjaro’ varient as well)

cscs / Matchama-KDE · GitLab
GitHub - freefreeno/Materia-Manjaro: Materia style KDE Plasma theme with nice green selected background
GitHub - vinceliuice/Qogir-kde: Qogir theme for kde plasma desktop

EDIT - oops … it appears you use XFCE … so actually none of those apply to you.

Now that’s what I call shameless self-promotion! :rofl:

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Hey I mean … I made the adapta-maia, or rather ‘adaptabreath’ ones … and afterwards the ‘successor’ of sorts was matchama :woman_shrugging:

…but I realize now OP was talking about XFCE (gtk) themes … so nevermind any of that anyways :sweat_smile:

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