Accidental AppArmor profiles enabled in 21.2.1 XFCE edition

Recently installed XFCE and Gnome edition. Noticed that the XFCE edition installs and enables AppArmor - Thanks a lot!

However, it seems to also install some rather odd AppArmor profiles by default:

The Gnome edition does not install these AppArmor profiles. Therefore, I assume that this happened on accident.

Would be great, if Manjaro installs mature AppArmor profiles in a planned way.

As i understand it from the team:

So, is simple, there is not a standard among DEs ISOs to do that.

The following two pieces of software have an enabled AppArmor profile by default in the XFCE edition:

  • Dovecot-script-login
  • php-fpm

However, these two pieces of software are not installed by default. It doesn’t make sense to install AppArmor profiles for software that is not installed. It will likely produce problems for users, who will install them later.