Accessing/Mounting a shared folder (from Win Vista)

Hi again, Hopefully someone can help my another time.

My wife is still using Windows Vista for her work preparation (she is a teacher). Now I prepared this machine for her and convinced her, that it is really the time for a change (to this manjaro PC).

On the Vista machine I shared a folder, i want to grab all her old data and move it to the new computer. On the linux device i installed Samba, added a user to samba, and installed the thunar-share plugin for the browser.

I am able to find and access the windows machine in the network part of thunar. I also find the shared folder there. When I want to access (doubleclick) it, a dialog is asking for a user and password, or to acess anonymous. I try both, but then nothing happens, the dialog gets grey, disabled and i can wait forever (is a it a problem mounting it? maybe?). i installed Nemo and also can find the shared folder. Accessing it results in a dialog "Opening " which will load forever.

Anyone able to help?

Hi @blackbug,

All I can think of right now is checking an ensuring the permissions are :white_check_mark: on the windoze machine. I don’t have any advice except that. Ensure the directory is shared publicaly as this will only be for a short while and also not on a public network.

As Vista is so old, you may need to add ntlm auth = yes to the [global] section of the smb.conf

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Like @Mirdarthos said mostly it is a permission problem. To access a windows share you need the loginname and password from the windows machine. And this windows user should have network-share rights.

And also I dont know if vista uses smb2 or higher. I think smb1 is not more supported by samba.

A external drive is in my opinion a better solution for your problem. :grinning:

Since Vista I think you can set a “networktype” for security reason in foreign networks. So be sure you networktype is set to “Home Network”. If this is not set windows will also block shares.

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Hi, thank you all. So I will not further follow this topic on Vista

Didnt worked for me either. I will try to run a linux from an usb stick on this old machine and try to share the data from there.

second option will be external device.

Thank you again. I think I can close this then.

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