Accessing Google Drive

I am trying to access my Google Drive.
Gnome has an Online Accounts window where my Google Drive account details can be entered and provides an entry in Nemo to access all my files.

I am running Xfce and does not have that window so I installed gnome-online-accounts but I don’t know how to access it.
I tried gnome-online-accounts in terminal but it says that the command could not be found. How do I launch this?

Heya, I don’t use Xfce but have you tried searching the forum?

This one pops up as the first in the list:

Thank you. I looked at the link where it is suggested to install gvfs-goa and gvfs-google.
It looks like my system has these packages.
How do I try them?

I think I have a solution.
I installed google-online-accounts and it didn’t work - I couldn’t launch it.
Then installed gnome-control-center and then I was able to log into google drive with online accounts.
I also know how to launch it (gnome-control-center).
They are large packages though.