Accessibility features (pointer locator)

I have a colleague at work that has expressed interest in moving to Linux. However she is visually impaired. So she uses high-contrast and inverted colours. As well as some other software (Zoomtext).
Everything works on windows.

We have been trying out some distros, and currently the preference goes to Manjaro. However a common “problem” is that we can’t find an adequate cursor locator. The built-in pointer locator isn’t quite enough as the animation is “flashy” or large enough.

Zoomtext offers the ability to have a large crosshair pointing to the the cursor that spans the entire screen and even multiple monitors. Making it really easy and fast to locate the cursor on a multi-monitor setup.

But we haven’t been able to find a good alternative for Linux. If anyone can point us to a package or setting that can produce the same result, that would be greatly appreciated!

Alternatively, if no such package exists, if someone could point us in the right direction to how we could create our own, that would also be fine!

Thanks in advance,

Just an idea, but maybe worth investigating if it’s an option that can be implemented. I was thinking whether moving the mouse cursor to a preset location might work. If it is lost in the jungle of screen elements, giving a command and then be able to locate it say, on the active monitor, top left corner. Something like Ctrl-Alt-M could be telling some little piece of software to move the mouse cursor to this location. That could give you a starting point at least.
No, I do not know of such software, but I don’t see it as a completely impossible task.
Found some info here:
There is also other sources online that talk about xdotool:

$ pacman -Ss xdotool
community/wtype 0.4-1
    xdotool type for wayland
community/xdotool 3.20211022.1-1
    Command-line X11 automation tool

Hope this helps.

Some DEs (Desktop Environments) like GNOME and KDE at the very least already has that feature included. It must be enabled manually in the settings. What Manjaro ISOs have you tried?