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There should always be a sacred place in Manjaro forum where KDE lovers can go wild. Talk and share about the latest sorcery done by the KDE developers. GO KDE!

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This week’s update got me really excited. You will be able to see the settings changes visually just by click! Shut up! :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:


Looks nice but it will be some time before KDE 5.20 drops in Manjaro.

Not even in Arch’s testing branches yet.

That’s because it’s scheduled for 2020-10-13: Schedules/Plasma 5 - KDE Community Wiki

Nice, something to looking forward to.

Watt I really like to see that should be default in Plasma (and Latte): GitHub - psifidotos/plasma-systray-latte-tweaks: Latte tweaks for Plasma systray

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No reason for it to be default in plasma, as it only affects latte users.
But someone could make a PKGBUILD for those tweaks.

It works also for plasma.

I’ve discovered a new bug, but I’m not sure whether I should start a separate thread about this, nor am I sure whether the bug is related to Plasma itself, or perhaps to the appmenu-gtk-module ─ I myself am using the appmenu-gtk-module-git package from the AUR due to problems with the one in the repo.

The problem is this…: If I start a GTK-based application ─ e.g. Chromium and Claws Mail ─ on an empty desktop, then the application menu is not shown in the Plasma Global Menu applet until I switch back to a virtual desktop where a Qt/KDE application is running. Then, when switching back to the desktop with the GTK application, the menu will be shown.

The problem does not occur when starting a GTK application on a virtual desktop where a Qt/KDE application is already running.

The problem is either way not new as of Plasma 5.19.4, because I noticed it for the first time yesterday, before the update ─ I’ve only updated this morning ─ and yesterday I was still running Plasma 5.19.3.


Might be that bug: 422786 – Global Menu requires refocus to display properly in 5.19.0
And unfortunally there is also this one: 425174 – global menu widget doesn't have panning between sections


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Yes, that’s the one.

I haven’t run into that one here ─ crossing fingers. :crossed_fingers:

Debian / *buntu Qt packagers will be needed for Qt 6:


I loved the original Plasma is Great topic, that also was like Plasma focused feed for Manjaro users. Also, many people enjoyed those little chats within Plasma user community, so I guess it’s time to continue it :slight_smile:

And here some last news that you possibly already know, but if not, here it is: