About the current Manjaro image file not containing Snap

Snap is not pre-installed in the current KDE image (manjaro-kde-21.3.7-220816-linux515). I would like to remind you that this may have been overlooked unless it was deliberately chosen.

Good! Long may it remain that way.


I can understand why users don’t like Snap, but in the full versions, Snap came pre-installed. Also currently Snap is already pre-installed in the Gnome version, which has the same version number as the other two different full versions. There might be a problem here.

Apart from this issue, there may be another bug in the KDE edition. Pamac, I think it can’t build AUR applications. I wish this website had links to some older versions of OS.

It is a deliberate choice.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t. Make a distinct thread for detailing the case.

All rolling release distributions have a single version: their latest.


So I am aware of that. I will try to see if Snap is pre-installed in the image file with version number 21.2.06. It seems strange that Snap is pre-installed in the Gnome version but not in the KDE version.

For example, when I try to install the freetube app, Pamac fails. Of course I’m talking about the OS installed with the KDE image with version number 21.3.7, Gnome does not have this failure.

You can just install snap if you want it - not a problem.

re your references to version numbers:
as soon as you update your system, you are on the latest
and this distinction has vanished

attempting to update from an older version (because it may have things preinstalled that you like)
may prove difficult
and you will end up in the same place anyway - at the latest, most current state
You’ll just have had to put in more work and more volume to download
to get to the very same place in the end. :wink:

You can always comment on the changes made to the profiles: KDE Package list clean up (cd8ee760) · Commits · Profiles & Settings / iso-profiles · GitLab


Yes, it does. I’ve corrected that.


If you are going to actually build something from the AUR use the terminal not Pamac.

pamac terminal commands can build AUR packages by default

pamac-manager GUI is not able to build AUR packages by default: User must first enable AUR support in Preferences