About the cpu scaling governor/performance policy and TLPUI

I’m running on a laptop which is most of the time connected the the AC.(intel i7)
i saw that the CPU scaling is set by default to powersave.
i would like to set it to performance.
what would be the correct way to do that?

i saw this option was available in TLP, but it comes with a warning that i must disable my distribution’s governor setting or conflicts will occur.
what does that mean;that i have to set the distribution one to performance and then do it again in TLP?so what’s the point?
maybe in TLP it’s just an easy way to make it permanent after first setting it for the Distro?
(i saw a person on this forum that says that for him this TLP setting in fact changes the distribution’s governor-he’s on xfce).

and the next point is about ‘CPU perf policy’ ;
what would be the benefit of running it on ‘performance’ when the CPU scaling is on ‘powersave’?

also i read in the next discussion(not that i fully understand)but apparently with the new Intel pstate driver,the CPU is also responsible for power management in accordance to the chosen CPU scaling state(powersave or performance):
so maybe the ‘CPU perf policy’ shouldn’t be changed in TLP but only the the ‘cpu scaling’,and let the processor do the rest?

Too silent fans?
cpupower is configured in /etc/default/cpupower to use performance governor
but the systemd service cpupower.service is not turned on

this command is all that is needed to turn on systemd service

systemctl enable cpupower.service --now

Do i have to enable this service after restart?

not if you run systemctl enable cpupower.service --now
you can find more info in the other thread @nikgnimic mentioned.

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thank you !