About Swap and zram

Came from Windows 2 days ago. Using KDE. and its stable as rock but have a few questions.

1-I am using ssd (os installed here) +HDD and my swap file 8 gb… can i move this swap file to USB flash drive ? and should i use zram
2-As i said system has HDD which was formatted ntfs, i can see my files and explore the disk. How can i delete all files and format it to ext4

Ryzen 3 1200@ 3.5 ghz + 8 GB DDR 4 + RX 560

Not 100% certain manjaro is going the same way but arch is dropping systemd swap file and replacing it with zram.


So personally I’d be looking at zram

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More precisely this

and supports custom locations …

You install it with:
sudo pacman -S zram-generator

Open KDE Partition Manager and proceed to reformat your HDD … Make sure you do have your files elsewhere in case you need them.
Once converted, take ownership of the partition.

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It says some error happened. When i try to format to ext4… should i do this ownership thing before format?

You can’t take ownership on NTFS file system from Linux … make a new partition table (GUID/GPT or MBR), apply, create a partition, apply …