About SWAP Again...KDE. Doesn't launch despite all the rules

Greetings! The Manjaro 21.3.0 system has just been installed. KDE. BTRFS. I am familiar with the swap launch rules

wiki. archlinux. org/title/Swap
wiki. manjaro. org/index.php/Swap

Swap basically does not start. I’m not sure how swap feels himself on logical partitions, but it worked before that. All settings were configured during the installation of the system

SWAP /dev/sda7 is activated

/dev/sda7: LABEL=“swap” UUID=“56c98598-7186-4bl3-b895-0c5d31f0c889” TYPE=“swap” PARTUUID=“eaa84097-07”

UUID=56c98598-7186-4bl3-b895-0c5d31f0c889 swap swap defaults,noatime 0 0

Have you studied what is described here?


How do you know this?

Remove the noatime. I don’t know why the Calamares developers insist on adding that for the swap partition, but it’s pointless. A swap partition does not contain any filesystem, and therefore also no files. It’s a raw block device. noatime is a filesystem option, and it has no meaning for a swap partition.

That’s for creating a swap file on a btrfs filesystem. The OP has a dedicated swap partition, which is a different thing. A swap partition does not have any filesystem on it.


There is about Swap file? I got partition. I thought BTRFS doesn’t work with swap file honestly

It does support swap files, but you have to take special precautions, because a swap file on btrfs must not use copy-on-write or compression. And a dedicated swap partition is still better, regardless of what anyone says.

Remove the noatime
Doesn’t help

How do you know this?
free -h  :heavy_check_mark:
total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 5,8Gi 1,4Gi 3,0Gi 71Mi 1,4Gi 4,1Gi
Swap: 8,6Gi 0B 8,6Gi

swapon --show  :heavy_check_mark:
/dev/sda7 partition 8,6G 0B -2

Used script to show whether zswap is active:
[warning] zwap not active

That means your swap is active. It’s just not being used at the moment, and that’s a different thing. And if your swap partition is on an SSD, then it’s a good thing that it’s not being used.


HDD. What better should I launch to see does system use swap?

It will use swap when it needs more virtual memory than your RAM can provide for. But a freshly booted system isn’t going to be swapping just yet. Leave your system on overnight for a couple of days, and you will see that it has begun swapping.

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But what is that “[warning] zwap not active”?

Probably harmless. :wink:

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