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Hi everyone, i wanted to ask abot software in the manjaro app store i am using the ARM version on a 64bit raspberry. I want to install firetools, but in the web i don’t see specific support for ARM, but i saw firetools int he manjaro’s appstore.
But i have security concerns i mean (sorry kinda noob in this and if i don’t download from the official website i feel insecure about it) is the software in there secure? do i have to take some precautions about the software in there? it is in the (extra) repository.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, the software in the official Manjaro repositories is secure, and all packages are signed.

Thanks, and thanks for your quick answer. So is secure. it’s a relief to have confirmation about.

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The longer answer is as follows… The packages in the official Manjaro repositories — which does not include the AUR, FlatPaks, Snaps or AppImages — go through several stages of testing in the Unstable and Testing branches before they arrive in the Stable branch.

However, most of those packages — i.e. excepting the ones that were created by the Manjaro developers themselves — all come from Arch, where they follow a similar testing process via Arch Unstable, Arch Testing and Arch Stable. Manjaro’s Unstable branch corresponds to Arch Stable. Therefore, we add another two stages of testing by the community onto what Arch itself is already doing. :wink:


Oh i see, thanks, reallly for the long answer, you really took a weight off my mind Thanks a lot.

This things are not quite easy to know when you start to dig in this world, it is very appreciated.

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