About grub-vanilla

After suggestion to NOT using grub-customizer and replace with grub-vanilla have anyone some link for tutorial or how working , because i can’t find on net!
Thank in advance !

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This does not sound right: grub-vanilla is a replacement for grub (not grub-customizer).

Detailed steps how to install grub-vanilla can be found in the archived forum:

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I saw that and the only info i get is how to install it and no use of grub-vanilla on terminal or as qui .
I prefer use terminal to solve grub problem !
What is grub-vanilla anyway?

Read the first post in that thread…

I thing that is a great lesson for understand how configure grub on system.
And forget about grub-[any]
NOT recommenced for new users

I’m afraid you misunderstood what I told you on a different thread, so I’ll try clarifying in simple terms ─ one never knows who might stumble upon this thread here… :wink:

grub-customizer is a tool for ─ you guessed it ─ customizing the GRUB boot loader. It is available from the Manjaro repository. However, one may only use grub-customizer when one is using grub-vanilla, which is the version of GRUB as it ships from its upstream developers.

And grub-vanilla is also available from the Manjaro repository, but by default, Manjaro uses a heavily customized version of GRUB that is not compatible with grub-customizer, and the use of grub-customizer in combination with Manjaro’s already customized version of GRUB will break your system.



So the point was to install grub-vanilla instead grub ?
Why don’t tel so many days ago? :smiley:
@Aragorn i don’t know how or why but i like your way putting your opinion and if some day candidate for mayor my vote is sure !!
Thank you for your patience.

In what country? :smiley:

All over the globe !!! :smile:

Sorry if this is a newbie question, but can someone explain more about the difference between the packages ‘grub’ and ‘grub-vanilla’? By default it seems Manjaro is installing grub-vanilla and not grub, but after issues with grub-vanilla (failing to run grub-probe, see this which is unresolved for me, I switched to grub (uninstalled ‘grub-vanilla’ and installed ‘grub’) and all works fine.
But of course I want to know if this was a good idea!
Thanks for your explanation,