About building a BSPWM edition over i3wm edition

Bspwm profile doesn’t come with propertietary drivers. You should probably use any other iso and use manjaro-architect to install it. Manjaro-architect was specifically written to install bspwm edition, all the other functionality is just icing on the cake.

It should go to the Packages-Live, so it’s not present on the installed system.

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Thank you.

For now I’m going kinda experimental. I modified the ISO with the programs I want to see it with, installed the system and exploring if there are any major problems. There are config issues here and there but nothing serious that I can’t handle. If this turns out the way I like, I’m going with it.

I hope this will worth all the struggle. I mean i3wm is also nice but over bspwm it feels kinda sloppy for me. :slight_smile: