Abnormal Laptop Power Draw (i think)

Ok so, i decided to install manjaro linux on my laptop and i noticed that my battery backup was draining quite fast, tlp-stat -b says it’s around 4500mW to 4600mW when idle (me just staring at my wallpaper), and i was wondering if this is normal.
Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 7530U
GPU: Radeon Graphics from the CPU
SSD: An NVME of 512GB, idk what brand
Display: 1920x1080 60hz LCD (i have found how to change the brightness so it is not the issue)
Note: I dont use the xfce4 flavor that came pre-bundled, I’m using bspwm with polybar and conky, if that is relevant

conky is pretty much relevant. Depending on the update interval it can drain battery very much.

how do i change the interval?
And are there any other options, in conky, i should be aware of?

In its configs.

Really, conky documented well. Try what fits your needs. Anyway: I would avoid conky on a Laptop where battery is important.

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4500mW, or 4.5W is actually quite good. A standard laptop battery has a capacity of around 45-65W/h which theoretically should give you about 10-14h idle. However, software measures can be a little random and the only way to get trustworthy results is to use a Watt meter at the power socket.

In this mac mini m2 review the guy uses this method and gets around 4W, or 4000mW for the mac mini m2 on idle and those units are some of the most energy efficient devices currently around, so your 4.5W doesn’t look bad if your tlp-stat -b measures can indeed be trusted.