Ability to select systemd-boot during installation

I think for most users it will be even slightly better than GRUB

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So looks like you need something what EndeavourOS does?

Note that on installation, it rsync the current squash images on the iso to the disk. Grub is there preinstalled. Adding an option would need a nearly full transformation of the installer to an installer like EndeavourOS which downloads the packages from the server instead of syncing it.

In my opinion, adding a systemd-boot option defeats the Purpose of the installer right now.

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The installer needs addressing cause I personally hate landing on the desktop and having tons of updates that should of been grabbed while the OS was being installed.


Why would you want to bottleneck the installation like that, just to avoid running a single command?

Some people have really slow connections, for them it could take hours. They may even need to download the updates in several batches first, due to time constraints or outages.

In some cases an update may cause problems. Currently the user can re-install and hold off updates until the matter is resolved. If the installer automatically updates then the user may be forced to use another distro.

I like having a quick installation (preferably one that doesn’t require internet at all) and then being able to configure/use the OS whilst updating in the background. Less waiting and more doing.

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Sorry, the installer doesn’t know about greed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Copy that. Please create a new topic and provide details. Your reply has nothing to do with the topic. :wink:

You mean why would I want to know about possible update errors BEFORE I get to a actual desktop? Should be an option to do offline or online.

Manjaro installer is - kind of - WYSIWYG - as what you see is what you get - in terms of the installer unpacking a preconfigured system.

But you want more …

Then you should - personally - do the following

  • do not tick reboot when the installer finishes
  • open a terminal and execute
    sudo manjaro-chroot -a
    pacman-mirrors -c Global
    pacman -Syyu