Ability to control mode of power (Battery Life, Balanced, High Performance)

I was wondering where the option to change power modes are. I used to use Pop!_OS before Manjaro, and I had the ability to change the power mode in the system tray. Where is that feature in Manjaro? Manjaro version 21.1, GNOME version 40.5, And I’m on Xorg.

An implementation similar to system76-power is already available in GNOME via power-profiles-daemon. After the package is installed, the options will be available in Settings > Power.

There are more improvements coming including being able to toggle the power profile from the menu like in Pop!_OS in GNOME 41.

If you have System76 hardware, search the AUR (Arch User Repository) for system76 to find drivers and applications you might miss from Pop!_OS.

So you’re saying that I should install the power-profiles-daemon ?

Yes, indeed.

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