Aarch64 VM on x86_64

I have a working aarch64 KVM VM that was built on Gentoo. However it uses file(s) that I am not able to find in the official repo or the AUR:


It comes from their package: app-emulation/qemu which supplies a good number of files.

Is there a Manjaro recipe for making an aarch64 VM on x86_64? If not, I guess I will try to cobble together the required pieces from the gentoo host.

Maybe edk2-armvirt?

I have that package installed but it supplies different files. I guess it is time that I learned a bit more about hacking on VMs. I have a couple of x86_64 VMs on the host and I did not want to mucky around with it too much for fear of breaking it. But I’ll see where it leads me.

I am not sure hacking together parts to support a KVM guest will be very successful.

However, I was successful in creating an aarch64 VM that boots a test build of a rpi4 kernel.


edk2-armvirt have the file
which could be the same file with a different name

It probably can’t hurt to try, I’ll give it a go when I am back in the office.

Does anyone have an idea how to create an aarch64 VM in x86_64 host with KVM/Qemu?