AARCH64 snapdragon 850 laptop

Hi everyone I have an arm laptop and I want to install Manjaro aarch64 on it but when I want to boot to the image I just see an blank blinking cursor or just my laptop refusing to boot to the usb and just continue with windows boot anybody can help me out figure this issue out
My laptop is running with an Qualcomm snapdragon 850
Thankyou so much everyone

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Booting on AARCH64 devices are not as straight forward as booting on x86_64 devices.

You will need special bootloader or uefi plus device specific DT to use it to boot into linux. Then you need device specific driver support.

It would have been better if you would have shared the exact model number of the device to see if it have mainline kernel support or not.

Hi Spiker guy thankyou so much for helping me out the laptop model is joibok sk3000 a not so popular
yet an arm laptop