A simple question about the user and root password

I’m running in a VM another Distro and on log-in I’m asked for the user password and when needed (launching Gufw for example)i have to enter the root one.
and if i recall correctly it is the same in other Distros i tried as well.

on Manjaro the loging in password is the same as when i need to type the Sudo one,
even though i entered two different password when i installed the OS.

gufw should be using polkit …

This may be different on other distros using frozen/old/patched versions of gufw that are using sudo or similar.

(ours is patched too - but to make gufw-polkit actually open … because their launch scripts have inherent problems still unfixed)

In any case these functions are also controlled by their respective configs, such as /etc/sudoers … so theres more than one point of possible difference.

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The login password you use for a session is the one you will use for sudo. The password for sudo is not the password of the account you are changing to.

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youre answer is to technical for me,
and it’s the same in every task that needs admin permissions;like updating/downloading packages.

i think i understand that,but why the difference between distros.

What’s the distro you’re referring to?


I think that here you could find your answer, then.

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