A noob looking for answer about batteries

Hello Manjaro team!
First at all sorry for those question but I have to get it out of my OCD! I have a brand new Lenovo carbon X1 and surprisingly I just realise that my battery Health of manjaro is indicating that my battery is done to 95% I know this is not the first world problem but I m very surprised by this! I mean I would expect the battery to last at least a good year at 100% life…
upower -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT0
native-path: BAT0
vendor: SMP
model: 5B10W13973
serial: 2771
power supply: yes
updated: Mon 05 Jul 2021 18:02:48 (99 seconds ago)
has history: yes
has statistics: yes
present: yes
rechargeable: yes
state: fully-charged
warning-level: none
energy: 51.21 Wh
energy-empty: 0 Wh
energy-full: 54.61 Wh
energy-full-design: 57.05 Wh
energy-rate: 0.226 W
voltage: 17.376 V
percentage: 93%
capacity: 95.723%
technology: lithium-polymer
icon-name: ‘battery-full-charged-symbolic’
History (rate):
1625472168 0.226 fully-charged
1625472168 0.675 discharging
So here is my question is this normal cos the battery is brand new so it’s need to just sit maybe?
Or do I got a crappy battery? Here is the picture of the setting…

I’m not helping, just thought I should point out to everyone that wants to help, that the OP is looking for an annoying answer, not a helpful one. He even specified it.

haha Sorry matey what i meant was answer and sorry to be annoying about battery talking cos I know at the end of the day it does not really matter cos all the batteries does died anyway! Sorry Bad english !

No worries, man!

Personally I don’t think you need to worry. But that’s just me. I have 0 experience with a laptop, or laptops for that matter.

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Can happen that it doesn’t have the full capacity even if brand new. However can also be that the reported capacity is not fully accurate.

Try discharging the battery completely and then fully charge it again to get more accurate values.


I think the problem was me over charging the battery after looking a lot into it a use my laptop with a cable a lot and I should just have setting up to charge it up always under 30% and not over 80% unfortunately it was too late when I did that… I may just keep that battery until it goes under 80% battery health they rarely good after couple of years anyway positive is the battery replacement is cheap and super easy to do only 4 screws to do and you done… Easy!
Note to myself do not overcharge your battery in fact let it discharge! Well at least until 30%

That’s not possible with modern Li-ion batteries. It stops charging when “full” and only trickle charges back up when needed. Your battery is fine.

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This is more an electronic engineering question than a software question

Maybe these answers will help:
Shelf life of a lithium polymer battery | electronics.stackexchange.com
Li-ion Battery Shelf Life Calculation (Including Temperature) | electronics.stackexchange.com

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I think that just trick me out a bit make no sense to me as some of my laptop after few years in facts 4 still got over 80% while this one is already 5 down but I may just be over reacting there a bit I guess its the human nature to try to keep thing at the best of his states thanks!

hello, if the battery is brand new, give it about 5 to 10 full charge and discharge cycle. It is good to remaber that it is safe to start charging at something about 20%. LiIon do not like to be deeply discharge and if you want to leave laptop for few days unused leave about 70% of the battery. If you will need more explanation feel free to ask :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jacko the battery was default and should not have lost any percentage until at least a year… Lenovo will replace it apparently so all good I normally fully charge it once and then set the battery to be charge only at 80% and get charge once below 50%. Is this good? Thanks!

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The most effective working bandwidth is between 30 and 80 percent. It is called “sweet zone” because partial cycle is less stressful than full cycle.

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