A mouse for macBookPro

Manjari brothers help.I’ve installed 20.1 from a live CD,on a macBookPro(late 2011) as the only OS.Please suggest a cheap mouse(wired or wireless)that will work because i’ve spent a small fortune on mice and none of them works with any consistency.Oh,kernel is 5.9.16-1and i’m an amateur.

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please post

inxi -Fazy

What mice did you test and are they connected via USB or bluetooth?

Kernel 5.9 is EOL. Please fully update your system. Kernel 5.10 is LTS.

I did update to K 5.10.42-1 LTS.Didn’t help.I’m afraid the problem is with both USB 2.0 receptors on the motherboard.Maybe they’re worn-out.I’II check it and let you know,Manjaristi.Thanks anyway.IT’S COMING HOME…