A LOT of packages to upgrade

Hello guys,

I’m having little questions here, I’ve been using majaro for the past 2 months and so often I’m doing pacman -Syyu to check if there is new upgrades, I just got 2 updates in this whole period (first; firefox and something else, second; 4 packages of pacman ) but today I woke up to find 262 packages to upgrade, so :

  1. is it not bad to do upgrades with lot of packages ? if it is what’s the solution now ?
  2. did I do something wrong to let all those packages accumulate ?

You are on Stable branch, with a fairly fresh install, with little-no ‘full’ update cycles until now.
What you just got was a real Stable Branch update.
(that is unless you were missing something … but we suppose no)

No… aside from critical pushes you will always receive updates in batches.
If you want smaller, more frequent updates then you might consider changing to Testing or Unstable.

It doesnt seem so.
Though … I am relatively sure it hasnt been 2 whole months between stable updates.

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We’re rolling - the Manjaro team hold packages in testing for a while. It’s actually more of an issue to do partial upgrades, so when you see a big one like this you should think about doing it in TTY after checking your latest Timeshift snapshots :wink:

This upgrade was rather less painful for me than the last one (KDE wasn’t too great last time) this time I found that the new conky wouldn’t play with my old scripts so I had to update them.

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yea, my timeshift is checked, but for the tty part, do I have to kill my DE (which is one ctrl+alt+F1), or just switching to another tty is enough ?

Simply logging out and then switching to another tty is generally enough.
If you want to be absolutely sure do you can use systemctl isolate multi-user.target to close all sessions.

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