A lot of community distributions are now unsupported?

A lot of community distributions are now unsupported?

Some time age i can download, install and use these distribs of manjaro:

now it dissapeared from main menu manjaro.org/download

when i found folder in archive, it says that these are unsupported…

i search site news, google and this forum for information about deprecation and cannot found anything about it

Are these distributions now really deprecated and unsupported?

Hi @gdbdable, and welcome!

If I understand it correctly community editions are just that. Created and maintained by the Manjaro community. By volunteers, for the love of it.

So they have never been officially supported. For that there are the three official distributions you can find on the download page.

That said, there is also the spins section where you’ll find many community editions.

The community editions are not unsupported in the meaning you are on your own, but they are outdated (a bit old) .
They have all been shipped with kernel 5.13 [EOL]. Why no LTS kernel ? If I remember correct, people here in the forum complaied a lot about kernel 5.10 at the time of release.


Don’t confuse distribution and desktop environment.

With Manjaro you can build yourself the ISO image you want with your wished desktop environment, it’s not so hard to do.


Desktop environment available with Manjaro and the ISO build, see below

Have a look here
Siduction will stop shipping Cinnamon and LXDE in addition to MATE

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This is good stuff right here.