A little mess with DoubleCommander

Hello everybody

i made a mistake with doublecommander and Timeshift. After moving to manjaro, I wanted to create a backup of it fresh after installation of my all times favorite programs. After a while of running the backup I saw how much space it would take on my cute 120 GB SSD. So I interrupted the backup, and wanted to delete the file. But I couldn’t do that through dolphin because of the lack of root capabilities. After a little research i downloaded Double Commander, which has root capabillities. But instead of deleting the backup file or putting it into the paper bin, I kinda moved it into the “waiting line” (in german it’s called “Warteschlange”) by mistake. Now i can’t find the file anywhere, not with dolphin, not with Doube Commander, not with Filelight and also not with an OS running on an USB Stick, but the Space is still taken, around 20 GB iirc, and that’s really a lot on an 120 GB SSD :smiley:

Does anyone know, how to find such a mysterious file, without resetting my whole installation again?

Sorry for my bad english, i hope it is clear what i mean.

Try to find the files. I dont use timeshift, but some quick reading tells me the snapshots are stored originally in areas like /home/timeshift/snapshots/…

I would use this to try and find it if your doublecommand hasnt changed the names of the files

sudo find / -name timeshift
sudo find / -name snapshots

and see what comes from the list.

Another way is to install ncdu and

sudo pacman -Syu ncdu
sudo ncdu /

and then use the ncurses interface to see where your 20G is currently.

If neither of those turn up your missing 20G, then it is likely hidden behind a mount point. For that you were close with your USB stick, but only mount your root partition and then try ncdu or similar utility.

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i had a quick try at ncurse and omg i found it. Thank you very, very much for your good suggestion It is in the /root/trash folder. I deleted it now via terminal, and it worked. Thank you very mich again.

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