A lightweight system Emoji picker app for Manjaro

I would really love to see a system-integrated emoji picker app on Manjaro Gnome like ZorinOS and Windows has its own. The hotkey for opening the picker itself would be the best thing about it, if I type something and I can instantly access my emojis. Like Left Super Key + . (Dot)


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Your profile shows you’re using GNOME and that feature is already available with that same keyboard shortcut. It’s available in programs like Text Editor (gedit).

Windoze has an emoticon picker thing? Since when, I don’t remember seeing anything with Windoze 7, last M$ OS I’ve checked. Default on KDE with Meta+period.



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So for me, left superkey + dot does not work in every app, and I need it in every app. Does anybody have a solution for this? :slightly_frowning_face:

Try x11-emoji-picker-git in the AUR (Arch User Repository).


Thanks for this, however, I’ll still let this forum thread as unsolved, because it would be better to have the integrated emoji picker available in all apps, with Left Super Key + . available.
If we can get this in an update, I’ll put your answer as a solution. Thank you :slight_smile:

The native emoji picker only works in native Gtk applications, that’s just the way it is. This isn’t something Manjaro can or will change. You can choose the emoji from Text Editor or whatever, then copy and paste it into the application you want.

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But then, ZorinOS how can make it appear in every app?

Just checked out Zorin OS 16-Core r3 in a VM and this feature is definitely not available in every application.

Forgot to mention, it’s Ctrl+..

Zorin is based on GNOME, there’s nothing different in this regard than any other GNOME distro including Manjaro.

Another option is copying emoji from Characters (gnome-characters).


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