A full Yocto-Linux setup for RaspberryPi, with GNU-Tools/BusyBox, Ethernet, Shell, SSH, WLAN, X11, IMGUI-Demo, and docs

Hello Forum,

We at Triple Helix have created a full custom Yocto-Linux build for RPI. It includes instructions on how to build on Manjaro, and a full beginner-guide for working with Yocto.

It also includes automatic clone and setup scripts with instructions, so everything is made easy for you. If you are a hobbyist, or developer working with RPI, its Yocto layer it supports most RPI targets. It can also be built for Qemu.

If you want to create a customized minimal Yocto-based distro and build - take a look at our project. The 30-pages documentation includes Yocto basics.

Here is a bit more information on it:

https://github.com/TripleHelixConsulting/meta-thc-v1 - main project and layer
https://github.com/AtanasRusevTH/rpiconf-v1 - additional layer
https://www.raspberrypi.com/products/raspberry-pi-4-model-b/ - Raspberry PI technical documentation

Included packages:

  • GNU-Tools/BusyBox, cpufrequtils
  • Ethernet support, DHCPCD, avahi
  • SH Shell
  • SSH
  • wpa_supplicant
  • WiFi support with additional script to connect to one and save the password between reboots
  • vi
  • X11
  • GLFW, IMGUI-Demo applications
  • automatic setup of the meta and build directories via an integrated script

The documentation includes explanations on:

  • the RPI meta layer and basic setup
  • fetching the dependencies
  • simple hints on how to connect with SSH
  • explanation on setting a password
  • only root account (the build is relatively simple, for dev purposes)
  • yocto basics
  • bitbake basics
  • points on how to know the kernel, the integrated packages
  • important yocto links
  • a few points on the connected Kuman 7-inch touchscreen display
  • basic yocto terms
  • basic practical points on connecting an HDMI display

I did my best to make the documentation extensive, so that any beginner can try it out.

The documentation is also available here: https://triplehelix-consulting.com/yocto-full-demo-gui-raspberry-pi-detailed-manual/

General points on the benefits of using Yocto builds for Embedded and other custom devices: https://triplehelix-consulting.com/yocto-demo/

If you like it and it is somehow useful to you - we will be happy to get a star on GitHub.
If you want to fork/contribute - equally great, please do so :slight_smile:

You can write me on LinkedIn, through the company page, and also here, should you have some questions.
I will do my best to reply soon.

We also plan updates, but it will take some time, work also needs to advance.

Here is our target:

I hope you enjoy the project :).
Cheers, Atanas

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First time I find a book about the manjaro distro

what’s news on the fosdem 2024 ?


Hi nl.smart,

Thanks for posting it here. I wrote the book :). There was one good in German, from a few years ago. I wrote something completely different from scratch, and in English. Mostly for beginners and mid-level people willing to learn more. And without reaching some super-expert level (or becoming, e.g., Linux-devs).

I made the Table Of Contents myself, considering the most essential topics beginners and less-experienced people might look for.
And filled the book with enough references to man pages and some other resources. As newbies need to have the man/info page imprinted in their mind… This usually leads to a lot easier Linux-life as I guess most people here know quite well :).
And described the Forum and online Manjaro resources, etc.

The book was released on 30 Nov 2023.

I also reached to Philip, and he knows about the book, we are in some talks about it. So far he said it is OK, but his current workload and life events didn’t give him enough time to have a deeper look and to see how is reasonable to promote it :). I do have some ideas, but we will discuss them when he is ready.

So far I didn’t post it in the forum myself, as I wanted to respect the “Chain of Command” :). And because I believe advertising here without approval would be highly disrespectful from my side.

What I dream to do is bring a lot more newbies to our beloved distro… if possible from the Windows Hell, to our paradise :slight_smile:

Let’s see how it goes :slightly_smiling_face:.

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