A few things about the new forum

And honestly I think you have that ‘privilege’ to see the various edits with basic account (like level 1), not a level 3 trust… not sure but that seems weird to limit this, but maybe I’m wrong as we can’t even look user’s profile page without an account so maybe there are weird stuff like that… and I don’t remember correctly since when I am able to see the edits (I though it was pretty much from the beginning I registered here almost two years ago).

I think you’re referring to wiki posts. To the best of my knowledge, regular users have never been able to see the edits ─ the number of edits, yes, but not the edits themselves.

Pretty sure I did. I confirm I’m talking about the edits of other user’s post, for example in the announcement thread 99.99% sure I was checking people’s edits. It was opening a popup and I could even check the differences between edits.

I’ve only ever seen that on wiki posts, not on other people’s regular posts.

Can you link me to a wiki post please to check the difference?

Ok on this link I see two differences, first is the the text/icon to view edits is green and not orange, second if I click it, it opens the usual ‘view edits’ popup.

I think there is just a misconfiguration as a whole in the forum, and what was previously a default option seems to be locked for everyone (as you wrote you couldn’t see the edits yourself).

The more I think about it, the more I’m sure it was a default feature of the forum (which makes sense, to see what changed in the post).

I am pretty convinced that a regular user ─ TL3 or lower ─ could never see the edits on non-wiki posts. That’s why the number of edits on non-wiki posts is orange, while on the wiki posts it is green. :wink:

It makes no sense whatsoever for non-moderators/non-TL4s to be able to see what other people have changed in their posts.

But how could I be so used to this MISSING feature to me, if the only place where I could use it was on wiki/tutorial posts, where I most likely didn’t spend my time on.

Don’t want to argue too long over this but yeah no I’m convinced too I’m right so… I’ll look into a default discourse installation to see when I’ll have time, maybe that will shed some light.

Well, maybe you are thinking of another Discourse-powered forum. But here at the Manjaro forum it has always been the way it is now. :slight_smile:

yes less level 2 or 3 is not a problem, but exits a bug : you are as me TL3 and only wiki is ok

Manjaro is the only Discourse forum I can think of or quickly find from my bookmarks. That’s really strange if what you say is true. Maybe I had access to a feature I shouldn’t have? No that’s weird.

To get used to this feature and instantly noticing it is broken, I had to have access to this for real.

EDIT: can someone check the old forum and my user account (same login) to check if I had this right before? not urgent but just a sanity check (literally). I can’t access my old account anymore as simple user.

Some days ago this was possible (everywhere in the forums), but I think they tightened the restrictions (it was also possible to mark solutions for non ops). I also thought this was a TL3 feature on the previous forum, but not sure.

For what is worth, I remember perfectly I could see previous edits in old forum, in ANY post. I never said anything about it, but I disliked that feature. One thing is to see your own edits, another thing is to see everyone’s edits. If you edit your post, it’s often (or at least sometimes) because you don’t want the previous content to be shown.

So, my personal opinion in this matter is:

  • if the forum can’t be configured to hide other’s edits while enabling you to see yours, it is better not to show them at all;

  • wiki posts are different - on these I think it is advantageous to show all edits to everyone, since it can weight on the content someone is considering to input.


Ok, makes sense, although I would like to see when and why mods and TL3’s edit posts.

I have no idea. I don’t even know in what level I’m at.

EDIT: I’m at the basic level.

That is TL1: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

It would be nice if the batch also shows the trust level (So Basic -TL1)

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Btw. what is really anoying is that you can’t see who replies to who if there’s no quote. I guess this is so there can’t be made mistakes by replying to the wrong post.

Yes, it was, but all members should normally be capable of that, save perhaps the TL0s.

It depends on which Reply button you click. If you click the button inside of someone’s post, then there will be an arrow pointing at the person you’ve replied to, and if you click that, then you also get to see the exact post.

If on the other hand you click the generic Reply button at the bottom ─ currently blue here at my end, in the dark theme ─ then it goes to the thread in general and not to the person you’re actually replying to. :wink:

What I meant was:

I also thought this was a TL3 feature on the previous forum, but not sure.

Indeed, it usually does do that, but there are instances where I reply to a person and I can see that when I edit the post, but the arrow is not shown outside the edit screen.