A few issues with updating and software

I run Manjaro-ARM XFCE on a Raspberry Pi 400. I have 3 issues.

  1. I received the notification in matray for this update, but never received the push notification to pamac. I also checked pamac manually and nothing was there. Why didn’t I get the push notification or anything?

  2. The last few times I did receive updates, I started seeing this error message. Once when it started the update and again when it finished. (A total of 2 of these popped up each time with the same info in them.)
    Screenshot_2022-08-04_04-35-58The first appearance of this message was on the 11th of July. Why am I getting this. Is this causing issue 1 above?

  3. I recently downloaded GIMP through pamac along with all the files and progames that were needed for it. It had been working as expected until today. I launched it, and it was fully maximized with the maximize button small as expected when a window is in this state. When I opened a jpeg or png file GIMP unmaxzimized but the top and sides still touched the edged of the screen with the bottom under the XFCE panel. I tried clicking on the maximize button, but it wouldn’t return to a fully maximized state. I closed the file I had opened in GIMP, and then I could click on the maximize button and GIMP would return to a maximized state till I opened another file.

To try to solve this issue, I uninstalled GIMP and the files and programs it added to Manjaro through pamac. I was careful to check to see if any were needed by other programs or XFCE. If I found that they were optional for other programs or only needed by GIMP, then I uninstalled them. I restarted my Pi and then went about reinstalling GIMP through pamac. Pamac asked me for my system password to start the install. After I did that, pamac asked me to choose an optional dependency. (There is only one, and it is to allow GIMP to print. I didn’t select it and clicked the choose button.) Pamac then informed me that additional programs would be installed that would help GIMP run properly. I clicked the apply button and pamac started the download and installation process. It stopped early in the process with a popup saying “Failed to commit transaction: failed to retrieve some files”. Here is the full output of what it did when it tried to load and install GIMP.

I would like to reinstall GIMP. Will solving issues 1 and 2 solve the issue with GIMP?

Please help.

matray gets it’s information directly from the forum RSS feed, while Pamac only checks for updates every 4 hours (I believe) and relies on the mirrors status if they have synced in the update.

Not sure what is causing this issue for you, I have not seen it for months on my end. But it is not directly the cause of your first issue. To fix this one, do sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck and try updating via Pamac again.

After you solve issue 2, you should be able to instal GIMP again. I have no idea why it was doing fullscreen stuff for you. The 404 errors in Pamac was because of outdated databases, so you can go to Pamac → Hamburger Menu → Refresh Databases and apply the update. It should then install/update correctly after that.

I’ve also been seeing that issue in pamac but have not had any issue updating.Also pamac in the terminal works fine as well.I looked in /var/lib/pacman/ and have no db.lck to delete.Refreshing databases or changing mirrors to worldwide also does not stop it from showing up.As i stated it doesn’t seem to stop pamac from updating or installing anything it just shows the error.

I did everything you told me to do and now have my copy of Manjaro fully working again. First I went to Pamac → Hamburger Menu → Preferences → Refresh Mirrors . Then I went to apply your first fix ( sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck ) in terminal and it told me It couldn’t find the file and ended the process. I exited out of the terminal. I then went and did your last fix ( Pamac → Hamburger Menu → Refresh Databases and apply the update ). When I did that it refreshed the databases and applied the update in one go.

I went and reinstalled GIMP back on my Pi from Pamac. It fully installed without any popup warning boxes. I ran GIMP and it still had the issue I described before. I went poking around the menu and found the solution. It’s Edit → Preferences → Interface → Window Management → Reset Saved Window Positions to Default Values. When I did that, it returned GIMP to being butted up against the XFCE panel and the maximize button works as expected.

Thank you for all your help.

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