A few icons in task manager appear as a piece of paper with corner folded?

After the recent update of KDE Plasma, some of the icons don’t appear to have the correct graphic, such as screen brightness, WIFI when not connected, notifications, etcetera but some appear correct. It’s just among that set that appear at the bottom right of the task manager in a mostly default theme.

They didn’t appear right after the initial update and reboot but, what seems odd to a novice, is that they appeared after awakening from hibernation. After that they remained after subsequent reboots until the minor update that followed. After that, they no longer appear as the correct graphic.

I did not perform the full update tty as I should have but did so for the smaller subsequent one. However, on a older machine that I did not update until afterward, I did it following the instructions for tty and the result is the same: just certain icons appear as a piece of paper with the corner folded.

I renamed the cache and rebooted but that made no change.

Everything else seems to have worked quite well and took only minor effort to reset the theme.

Would you please point me to where I might get those four or so icons displaying properly again?

Thank you.

Is the icon theme up to date?
Have you tried with others? ex, breeze?


Thank you for the response.

A bit of digression, perhaps: I was using Oxygen before the update and when I tried to select it again, there was a message about not having data or something along those lines. I picked Breath Light and selected the Oxygen options for most of the other settings. That appeared to work until the second update.

I just tried picking Breath, now, and all the icons appeared. I picked Breath Light again and Oxygen options elsewhere and they changed appearance but look correct.

How can I check if a theme is up to date? I just pick one from the default selections within System Settings.

It appears now that Oxygen can be selected as the theme without that message about data but it doesn’t look like it used to (unless I only think I had been using Oxygen) nor like the preview. It shows a lighter task manager in preview but is dark when it is applied.

I’m not complaining and am not much involved with themes and customization apart from finding something fairly non-distracting and sort of plain, easy on older eyes. I use the OS because it works well and, compared to what I was using before, seems to make things much simpler.

Thank you.

I’m not sure about oxygen.

It is pretty old - originating in the KDE4 days?
(because KDE3 had something similar but different … ‘crystal’?)
But I believe it has been kept up to date. I can see now in the repos that oxygen icons is at version 1:6.0.0-2.
If there is nothing wrong with the icon set then maybe there is something to clear from .cache or .local.
Maybe try using the icon set on a fresh new user just to check.

For now I might be able to also suggest some other options;
oxygen-icons-svg may or may not produce better results.
(for myself I would probably opt for svg icons unless they were particularly broken)

Also there is ‘Crystal-Remix’ in the kde store, which may strike a similar chord.

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Yes, the Oxygen icon theme is nice but it’s missing some icons and is only minimally supported.

To fix your issue, you can edit the index.theme located /usr/share/icons/oxygen/, find the line that has Inherits and change it to Inherits=breeze,hicolor, or Inherits=breeze-dark,hicolor


Thanks for the verification.
And the reminder about the Inherits lines. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I tried that using several options and the task manager is always dark. That seems to be what it is when Oxygen is selected rather than previewed. Perhaps, I’m confused about what theme I had prior to the update because the task manager was not dark. I realize that your fix is in regards to icons and not the color of the task manager.

@cscs Thanks for the added information. I’ll just stick with Breath Light and select the other options under it. After reboot the icons aren’t all correct in appearance but, once hover over them, they change to what I assume is the correct newer graphic.

This will either be hardcoded by the Plasma Style (or otherwise broken by it :wink:), or if it is an ‘adaptive’ Plasma Style then it is inherited from your Color Scheme. Such themes will be denoted in System Settings with a color wheel on their preview.

I just checked and Oxygen does not inherit colors and is indeed a dark panel. Or at least appears that way on my almost black background. It is also missing the directories for the fancy new panel options (opaque, etc) so it is stuck on Translucent.

I dont know if you mean Plasma Style, Icons, or Global theme here.
But do note that the breath Plasma Style is similarly incomplete in regards to the panel options.

For icons … there is no longer any breath icon theme in the repos.

Thank you for the information and help. I meant global them and will have to spend a little time learning more about this area.

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