A couple of questions

I just managed to boot from an SD card on my new PineBook Pro and installed Manjaro. Given the fact that the device is not ultra expensive it couldn’t be ultra fast so it might be the device that’s actually slow by its nature but… It might also be that the operating system was installed on the SD card hence my three questions:

  1. How do I know whether the operating system was installed on the SD card or on the EMMC?
  2. If it’s still on the SD how can I transfer it on the internal memory without losing stuff I already installed?
  3. Where is the kill switch or keyboard shortcut for disabling the mic?

And then…

YOU would know that, where did you install it to?
HOW did you install it?
lsblk might give you some clarity though.

Probably doable, but not recomendable.

If it IS the case that you somehow managed to install manjaro to an usb I would recomend you reinstall it completely instead of trying to move stuff, your /home directory could be good to copy somewhere though.

Since your question is VERY strange I will not go deeper into this as of now.

I just burnt an ISO image on a SD card from the archive I downloaded from the website and I proceeded with the installation steps. I guess the easiest way to find out where my operating system landed is to remove the SD and see if it starts without it.

That would be one way yes.

But as I stated above, lsblk will give you more insight, but removing your installation media after installing from it, yes, that is probably a good idea.

The only problem is that I haven’t found an option or drop-down menu to select the location of the installation. Another thing I suspect is that the switch off the EMMC is in the off position. These Asians produce quite counterintuitive stuff. The switch has two positions: On and another position which is not labelled as Off but has a vertical line above it.

Please post links to the installation procedure you followed.

I don’t have such a thing I just clicked next. lsblk returns list of items which begin with mmc. I guess the system is where it should be. Or not? Type is either disc or partition.

I can’t help if you don’t provide the information I ask for.

Here are some links that might help.

Meanwhile I remove the SD card and it seems that this automatically initiated installation procedure. Now the system is on the EMMC card. However I hear some strange beeps and noises and clacks every once in a while. Is there something wrong?

There is no automatic installation from SD to your eMMC card. You either ran the installation script or you didn’t. Only you know if you did that or not.

No, this is observed on mainline kernel.