A better clock widget

Hi! I am very new to Manjaro and I would like to get recommendations for a better clock panel widget because the one that comes by default does not allow me to add various time zones. It cannot even detect the timezone for my country. Does anyone know any good ones that lets me add multiple time zones?

Here’s the doc on the xfce4-panel - Clock. It’ll show how to set your own timezone.

I am not aware of a XFCE digital clock that supports multiple zones. I miss the KDE4 digital clock for this reason. I think the answer is that you can add multiple clocks to the panel, each with a different time zone.

Yeah, I figured that I might have to add more of that but it gets rather messy and unsightly to see four different clocks in the panel. Plus, the xfce4 panel clock does not show my country (Philippines). What’s up with that?

timedatectl list-timezones | less  
#  less: "/" to search forward, "?" search backward,  "n" next, "q" to exit

I found “Manila”.
Type “asia” in the Timezone dropdown and scroll through the list.

Ahh, they are all aggregated in Asia :grin:

Thanks for that! :smile:

So far this is what it looks like…

Good, better, best - they are all superlatives which is relative the view of the eyes bestowed upon the target.

A completely different approach could be the tzclock package.


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I read about xfce4-genmon-plugin and was able to reproduce KDE4’s digital clock tooltip popup when you hover over the icon. When you click the icon the local datetime is saved to the xclip clipboard. Another user was recently asking about that feature. It’s just two small scripts. A friend is going to review it first, but if interested I’ll post. xfce4-genmon-plugin looks really interesting.


Nice! I could use this. Please do post it after a good review :slight_smile:

I tried it and it is quite good. I can’t resize it though.

Of course you can Ctrli and Ctrlo

Gnome clock will display more than one time zone in one desktop widget as will conky. I use conky myself.

Any XFCE user interested in an xfce4-genmon-plugin script, that displays world times in a tooltip, here’s the source. Just follow the INSTALL instructions.

Have fun.

Ahhh, thanks!

Nice! Thank you very much!