8bitdo Pro 2(Blue Tooth), Calibration, Button Mapping

I’m trying to get the controller work correctly. So far it seems to work for the most part. All buttons get detected though the Mapping is kinda wrong. For example some buttons are swapped when using in games. I managed to fix that for the most part by just remapping the buttons in Steam. Though in Software like Lutris/Bottles this remains an issue. Is there anything i can do about it? I checked the Arch Wiki though it wasn’t really helpful.

Then there is another issue with calibration. I wanted to calibrate the gamepad since i saw it wasn’t possible to push the control stick into the top-left edge in the calibration window (it’s a bit off not by much though)
But honestly - i don’t understand the calibration Process. My guess is that it just doesn’t work (for me) as it should be?
For example it tells me to press the X-Axis to the minimum. So i figure it’s either pushing it to the left or to the right. When i push the Stick to the left the number will change… though when i press it to the right nothing happens at all - like it wouldn’t get any input. Same then happens with the right Analogstick. When i go on and calibrate it anyways i will end up with some odd/wrong calibration. And the only solution is setting it back to the default.

Is there any driver or some fix i could try?

Hi Maracuja.
Pretty much everything about Gamepad in Linux is covered here
But apparently you already checked that.

If you are using lutris/bottles you could try installing on that Prefix/Bottle the 8bitdo software for your Gamepad, and that should probably allow you to change gamepad mappings and macros.
I hope this helps.