8BitDo controller problems

As title says. I’m trying to use an 8BitDo SN30 pro controller, but most games just are not working with it. Native games are a mixed mag, Steamworld dig 1 and Brigador don’t detect it at all; Ion Fury, Clustertruck and SteamWorld Dig 2 work correctly. DUSK detects it but gets something wrong and half of the binds don’t work. Games ran through proton like DOOM 2016, Enter The Gungeon and Amid Evil work right. Any wine game that detects it as an SN30 rather than an xbox one controller doesn’t react to any inputs from it.

Hell, even a minecraft mod called Lambda Controll has massive issues with it, took me about 3 - 4 hours to get it working.

You guys got any ideas?

Hi there. I have the 8BitDo SN30 pro and I can’t say I’ve ever had any issues with it. I generally press the “X” and “Start” buttons to turn it on, and plug in via USB (I don’t have Bluetooth on my PC). It does, as you mention, identify ans an XBox controller, which Steam has pretty good support for. It does show button prompts for XBox, but I’ve never tried to change that because that layout is in muscle memory for me.

I’m afraid I can’t be of much help, as I haven’t played any of the games you seem to have issues with, but have you ever updated the firmware on the controller? That could fix some issues, as new firmware seems to be put out frequently for these controllers. 8BitDo have a firmware update app (for Windows and Mac :frowning_face: ) that you can download under “Support” on their website. There might also be a way to do it on Linux via fwupd, but I’ve always done it on my Windows machine, and would recommend the same if possible, since that’s what’s officially supported.

Welp, gonna try updating it. Anwyay, the problem seems to be that the system, in most cases, DOESN’T see it as an xbox gamepad

Nope, it did nothing. Tested the controller with dusk on my windows rig, and it works right there.

Strange enough it is supported with the Raspberry Pi according to one Review of that. Well I was looking up GamePads working with Linux.

I was considering buying one.

Welp, seems to be the laptops fault, as these issues followed me to different distros. The controller itself is pretty nice tho

Had problems on Steam with NFS titles, controller detected but no input ingame.
Disabling all Steam overlays fixed it.
Steam and Proton is strange when using controllers.