6.9 kernel appears to have issues with resume from suspend

deed the install of latest stable Plasma6 minimal Kernel 6.6
then installed kernel 6.8 and then 6.9 the 6.8 shows problem with wayland in the logs
now I’ve 6.6 & 6.9 installed

With 6.9 in the X11 session the resume from suspend does not work, presented with black screen with cursor without loading the login screen
instead wayland resume correctly

Edit: same with kernel 6.6
Edit2: this with intel graphic, no nvidia on my system

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I have been using kernel 6.9 and yes it did fail to resume from suspend once when I needed to awaken the computer shortly after suspending, which I usually do not do.

Usually I put the laptop in suspend mode and let the laptop battery keep the laptop suspended until early next morning. So far it has always resumed from that.

Are you on X11?