6.1 LTS or rather 6.6 LTS kernel?

Manjaro 23.1.2 Unstable
For this machine, do you recommend 6.1 LTS or rather 6.6 LTS kernel?
I-5 8600 CPU with IGP 8 GB DDR4 RAM
(I can’t show inxi output because I’m on another machine.)

Hi @growler,

I always suggest the latest LTS. However, I personally use 6.1 LTS because my wake-up from suspend doesn’t work properly in anything else I’ve tested so far.

So, as you can see it depends on which works best for you…


Add to that that kernel 6.1 is to be maintained for 10 years, I’d say that is a good option, then.


…about that.

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Thank you very much!
That leaves 6.1 (for now)

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Why not both?

When you’re not limited to one kernel version, install multiple. At least latest + latest LTS, except when latest = LTS then latest LTS + previous LTS. That’s my way (but I avoid anything not stable, so RC is not an option for me).