5 second Delay in Internet Connecting after logging in

Helllo the issue I’m having is that after logging in to Manjaro, there is about a 5 second delay before the internet connects. I’m using an Ethernet connection and KDE DE.

I tried a few other Distros and didn’t have the same issue so I don’t think its my internet connection. Any suggestions? thank you

systemd loads system services in arbitrary order.

Network connection cannot be established before the NIC is up.

Nameservice response sometimes takes a few seconds.

If your network didn’t come up - that would be an issue.

Thank you for your reply.

I understand that but this delay is longer than usual. I tested other Arch based Distros but didn’t have the delay. Its annoying because the Programs in my start-up don’t connect properly as a result.

I see.

I cannot say why you have this delay.

It could be NetworkManager and if this is the case - and you are always on ethernet - you could test by disabling network manager and enable dhcpcd instead.

The network manager applet will show disconnected - but as this is a test you can ignore it.

sudo systemctl disable --now NetworkManager
sudo systemctl enable --now dhcpcd

To revert the above if no positive result

sudo systemctl disable --now dhcpcd
sudo systemctl enable --now NetworkManager

Another option would be to change your applications startup script to only complete when network is up and running.

This can be done numerous ways in user context by using a user systemd service

Various examples can be found in the archive