5.16.14-1-MANJARO Gnome switches to powersave on each boot

I want to report a bug that sets power mode to powersave on each boot.

I don’t know what triggers it or even how normal power management is supposed to work but I bumped on cpupower and tlp.

I removed tlp and played around with cpupower but my changes would be gone on each reboot.

I then removed cpupower too and that doesn’t put my computer in powersave mode.
The downside of this approach is that if I change power settings to ‘power saver’ in gnome, it doesn’t do anything.

For now this is fine for me but I just wanted to report on it because I lost so much time figuring out what was going on as my computer was throttled at 800mhz instead of 3700mhz. I first thought it was malware or SSD hardware failure…

If anybody knows can explain how Manjaro power management by default is supposed to work and why it goes haywire, that would be appreciated.

As documented, the default governor depends on the used driver:

  • powersave for Intel CPUs using the intel_pstate driver (Sandy Bridge and newer).
  • powersave (for Linux < 5.10) or schedutil (since Linux 5.10) for CPUs using the acpi-cpufreq driver.

cpupower can be used to change the default governor from the userspace, by editing /etc/default/cpupower and activating its systemd service accordingly, as documented.

The CPU governor in Manjaro is usually set to powersave by tlp

The usual suggestion to change the governor is to use cpupower command

sudo cpupower frequency-set -g performance

but that will only change the governor temporarily and system will revert to using powersave when rebooted

To configure performance governor and enable cpupower.service:

What is changing my cpupower governor

CPU governor randomly switching to powersave thus heavily limiting performance

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