4 blue dots before OS starts


Recently I had troubles with a failure to update on kernel 5.15. I was on an earlier kernel because previously I had had trouble with later kernels. After the mirrors synchronized, the problem continued. Then something went really wrong (or I did something really wrong?) and I ended up with no OS, only the BIOS displayed on the PC .

My solution was to do a clean reinstall with a live USB. I erased the disk and replaced with a fresh version of Manjaro xfce 5.15

It seems to be working fine but I have noticed one thing that wasn’t there before: in booting, just after the line that says my disk is clean, there are now 4 blue dots. Does this mean I will have trouble later with the nvidia drivers? Should I ignore them and enjoy my working system or are they a problem waiting to happen?

Thank you.

That’s probably just the splash screen. :wink:

How many fingers, Winston?

Tell me: how many lights you see?


Of course. :wink:

There are three dots. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Oh, all good then. haha thanks for being patient with a newbie.

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