32-bit Unicode characters in filenames do not display properly on Manjaro KDE (Dolphin, Konsole)


Using the latest Manjaro KDE installed with everything by default (except country=UK) in a VirtualBox VM, Dolphin and Konsole can’t properly display this filename: “:popcorn:.txt”

Both Dolphin and Konsole show a rectangle instead of the popcorn emoji. When copy/pasting that filename to another application, for example LibreOffice, the popcorn character shows properly.

This problem doesn’t happen with the GNOME or XFCE versions of Manjaro. It doesn’t happen with Kubuntu either.

I have experienced this issue for 1+ year now, and I haven’t found why it happens and how to correct it.

Any idea how to solve this issue on Manjaro KDE? As it work in GNOME, it should be something trivial not configured by default…

I think the real question is, who names their files with emojis??


Do you have noto-fonts-emoji installed?
I believe Manjaro Plasma edition uses Noto by default.

Yes noto-fonts-emoji is installed (by default).
And I can reproduce the problem every single time I install Manjaro KDE.

This is not a “problem”, emojis are not intended to be part of a filename. Period.