32-bit manjaro install links/torrents

I am trying to find a 32bit version of Manjaro. But all the websites I look, always redirects to the download page of the new version. I would really appreciate if some-one gave a download link for version 17.0.3 x86(either torrent or direct link).

Any help would be appreciated
-Old Dell Pc

Hello @OldPc9536 :wink:

There is no support for Manjaro 32bit for decades now. Only 64bit is supported.

You could have a look at https://archlinux32.org/ which has still community support.

That’s an old link, and a native 32-bit distribution has no longer been supported in Manjaro for years already ─ 32-bit compatibility for applications is still supported.

Back when the 32-bit Manjaro 18.0.4 image was created, it was already exclusively being put together and maintained by one person among the team ─ @jonathon ─ but that person has in the meantime left the team, and the decision was also made to instead offer an aarch64 version of Manjaro alongside of the x86-64 (amd64) release, and to focus on those two only.

well sometimes you just need to use some old distros to bring a pc back to life.
it might have just enough to suit his need.

personally i would try & use something still active, but people have there reasons.

Don’t use a distribution that doesn’t received updates since two or three years. You should find a 32bits supported distribution (so, not Manjaro 32bits).

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It’s End of Life. A different operating system is probably an better option.

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There is a topic in archive on collecting distributions still supporting 32-bit - it is archived but still a source worth checking.

As noted above you can download the latest xfce for 32 bit on osdn.

And as community 32-bit Arch is still available you can use this guide for mogrifying a 32-bit Manjaro to 32-bit Arch.

An up-to-date 32-bit GNU/Linux Libre (Archlinux base) can be found at


Thanks for the quick response guys. I really appreciate it. I actually wanted Manjaro as its based on arch(as it is good for systems with low requirements) and the Xfce desktop/UI is very reminiscent of OS’s I am personally used to. This post was made so other people like me can get a 32-bit version of Manjaro with convenience. Thanks alot @kerry_s for giving the link. I hope I can return this favour to someone like this in the future.
-Old Dell Pc

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I think you misread (or didn’t read) what everyone is saying here.

Do not download and use 32bits Manjaro. It doesn’t exist anymore, it is not updated anymore. Find yourself ANOTHER 32bits distribution. Nobody should use 32bits Manjaro anymore.

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