30/5000 Why does KDE 5.20.2 significantly improve compilation efficiency compared with 5.20.1

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I once did a compilation of testing (compile the same project with GCC, clang, MSVC respectively in different os ), the conclusion is the kde “manjaro - kde - 20.1.1-201001 - linux58” compile is much slower than mint and window10, I do not know why.

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Recently, after updating Manjaro to the latest version (Manjaro-Kde-20.1.2-201019-linux58), I was pleasantly surprised to find that the compilation efficiency of the same project has been improved a lot. Although it is still not as good as Mint and Win, it is not twice as far as before. Now the compilation is within a reasonable range. I’m not sure if the new version has been optimized or if I’ve overlooked some of those factors, if the new version has been optimized, what exactly will make the compilation more efficient (or what aspects of the old version will make the compilation less efficient).