3 problems since the last update: Internet connection not working, some extensions not working, can't change theme

So I have three problems since the latest update on manjaro gnome.

1) Internet connection does not work
I’m connected to my network over WiFi and it works on all my other devices, but not on the updated manjaro device.

2) Some extensions show errors
Floating dock and Transparent Top Bar show following error:

Main.panel._leftCorner is undefined

3) I’m forced to use the Adw-gtk3 theme in some apps
Cannot change that with Tweaks or something. It appears with the Adw-Gtk3 style although I selected Matcha-dark-aliz for everything.

You should make separate threads for each issue.

You might have to rebuild the AUR package if there is from where you installed the driver.

Also from AUR or probably from extension site, not from repository. Either need rebuild or did not got yet full support for Gnome Shell 42.1

Ok, how can I do this?

First you have to identify from where you installed those extensions, AUR or extensions page and see if have updates, install the updates the same way as you installed them in the first place.

For wifi, by sharing inxi -Fazy we can identify the model and driver you used for it.

Ok so I found a solution for the theme change problem (A Github script, didn’t try it out yet: GitHub - odziom91/libadwaita-theme-changer: Theme changer for Libadwaita), for my WiFi problem I opened a seperate thread as suggested: Internet not working since last update (NetworkManager doing weird stuff)