2nd Monitor Display Problem

I want to attach an external monitor to my laptop through HDMI - no display port - and no matter which of the display settings I change, I can not get both monitors to display at their, different, default ratios.
I don’t know if this is a problem with Linux itself (I highly doubt it, however), with my choice of DE (XFCE), or is it simply the limitations of HDMI.
Do I A. Change Desktop Environments, or
B. Give up, and suck it up.

No matter which monitors settings I change it

Currently I am with another OS and I use xfce with dual monitor setup, can you go to your start menu and search “display” and take a screenshot and send it over here.

Make sure both monitors are enabled.

Thanks for the offer, after too much time on researching the problem, I found it easier to bail and simply replace the monitor instead.
This was not an easy decision because it’s not what I usually do or recommend, but simply due to the time constraints I am under it was the quickest solution.

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