21.2.1 “Gnome native firefox theme” keeps reactivating itself (It's back)

Hello, newish manjaro user, definitely new forum user. I first searched the forums as best I could, found this closed thread from 9/21 that said the fixes were being pushed then:
(I am not allowed to link apparently)

I want to report that I continue to have the same problem from the fresh install I performed tonight. Additionally, the previously suggested work around does not seem to work. Earlier thread from August said, "For now you can just remove the contents of ~/.mozilla/firefox//chrome/ "

But inside /.mozilla/firefox/ I see no profile directory (or file)

I hope you can tell I tried my best to search first. Please be gentle I am a very new linux user, and I’m not trying to waste your time. But the firefox gnome theme really interferes with my workflow bad enough that I’d use a different distro if I can’t find a workaround. Any ideas?

Remove this directory .mozilla/firefox/profile_name/chrome and and restart your session. For me profile name was s4heup0i.default.

If this doesn’t work try this:

Please don’t necro bump old threads–especially about packages that are no longer in the repos.