[21.05 KDE] Proprietary NVIDIA drivers work in liveCD, but not in the fresh installation

Hi everyone! I’m installing a Manjaro 21.05 KDE on my laptop, which has a Intel integrated GPU (Graphics HD 530) and an NVIDIA GTX 960M card. The integrated GPU cannot be disabled via bios, since the laptop’s screen is connected to it.

My problem is, when I boot by the liveCD whith proprietary option, the system works pretty well as soon as it started. When I use nvidia-smi in the live system, I got expected outputs with xorg in the process list. Also, prime-run glxinfo gives the correct information.

However, when the new system is installed, I found it different from the live one. nvidia-smi gives No devices were found. and prime-run also doesn’t work.

I checked the mhwd, the installed system has the same drivers as the live one did. Also the configurations in /etc/X11 are the same.

Do you have any ideas for the reason why they’re different? Can you help me to make the nvidia driver work in my fresh installed system?

I have tried bumblebee, optirun-manager instead, and some existing workarounds in the Wiki and Forum, none of them could make nvidia-smi work.

Btw, I am using Opencore to access my grub, since there’s also a hackintosh, could it be a problem?

Thanks for any help!