2010 macbook pro, 340xx nvidia drivers -> screen black, even switch tty doesn't work


I’m installing manjaro for dual boot into a macbook pro from 2010 with 330m nvidia chip, if recalled correctly on top of my head. Nouveau drivers don’t work well. Kernel is LTS 5.10 and install is clean. When installing 340xx-dkms + tools etc., no error messages on that side, but after reboot and “/dev/sda$linuxpartition clean”… , screen just goes black and even the usual switch tty and use text mode in case of graphics bork doesn’t do anything. Any help?

Explain how you installed your “drivers + tools”.

Sorry, that was vague. Meant:

Makepkg for:

(+ building tools + correct kernel headers from pacman)

OK, maybe you didn’t build and install the packages properly? Not enough explanation to me. Do we just trust you did it right or can you provide exactly what you did? (//EDIT: here is proper way [HowTo] get legacy 340xx NVIDIA drivers back originally from here [Support/How-To] Compile old/legacy Nvidia Proprietary Drivers [2020-12-30 Update Issue] with more details)

And also I forgot, here is how to provide information about your machine: How to provide good information