20.1 release date

Hello there. The new forum and news section are awesome! Congratulations for the amazing job you did for both. Do you have any hint about the release date of 20.1? Thanks in advance.

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We had a lot of work regarding the forums, which created unwanted delay of the release schedule for 20.1. We are currently preparing a new stable snap so we can see what we might have missed. Some packages are still in queue, so we have to see. More or less #Mikah should be available in one or two weeks.


Thank you for your immediate reply, especially when it comes from the lead developer of the project as well as the CEO of the company.

Hi philm,

the forum has many changed so I didn’t see this message. Ok, so Mikah final release will be available in one or two weeks. :smiley:

LibreOffice 7.0 has been released. Do you plan to include that version in the Mikah final release ?


LibreOffice 7.0 is not yet added to Archlinux. It might take a while until they adopted it. We have released the RC4 of Mikah today, which is pretty close to the final release of our new install medias.