2 wifi drivers?

In the Network section, inxi says

Device-2: Realtek 802.11ac NIC type: USB
    driver: rtl8821cu
  IF: wlp0s20f0u2u2 state: dormant
    mac: fa:0c:6b:91:f9:5a
  Device-3: Realtek RTL8153 Gigabit Ethernet
    Adapter type: USB driver: r8152
  IF: enp0s20f0u4u1 state: down
    mac: 00:e0:4c:68:51:92

This makes me think that I have two wifi drivers.
But in fact I have only one wifi adapter on this desktop computer, and it is usb. I explicitly installed only one driver for it, see screenshot

I can’t find any driver called r8152 on my system.

in the inxi above there it shows only 1 wifi, the rtl8821cu, and the other one is ethernet, that means for cable…

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