2 Big problems after installing Manjaro as a previous Ubuntu user

I’ve installed Manjaro on one partition. I’m liking it, but there are two big problems.

  1. Whenever I try to shut down the system, it shows many errors and then a last error

color : switching to frame buffer device 267*40 ......

and then its stuck there for indefinite time. I have to shut down with long pressing the power button.

  1. When I reboot the system, a few seconds after, Manjaro logo is displayed and CAPS lock starts blinking and stuck there. I read this is about kernel panic, but couldn’t figure out how to solve.

I’ll edit later to provide the screenshots of the problem, but for now, please help me if you know the problem.

My system config:

CPU - AMD Ryzen 4600H with Radeon graphics
GPU - Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650
Computer - HP Pavillion gaming laptop ec1052x

Can you post

  1. fdisk -l
  2. /var/log/xorg.0.log
  3. dmesg

I don’t think those are errors - they are simply messages

Pressing the Esc key will remove the splash and you can see the messages

But from the provided info - it has nothing to do with Manjaro as OS - what it is - that remains to be seen.

Kernel panic is when the kernel run into a hardware error it cannot recover from …

Not always. Kernel panics can also happen due to a serious kernel bug, or due to a serious filesystem error — albeit that in the latter case, this would usually be during the boot process.

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That would cause panic - which is why that kind of panic are rare outside developement and custom kernels.

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I reinstalled the Manjaro with Proprietary Drivers, and the problems disappeared. It was such a pain when I tried with installing Manjaro with open source drivers (installed, removed and reinstalled 3 times), even though I’ve always used the open source driver Nouveau for the Nvidia graphics card, when using many other distros, all based on Ubuntu (Mint, Elementary, Zorin, Xubuntu), without running into any problem.

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