12th gen Intel driver issues

I just got a brand new laptop with the 12th gen i7-1255U and slapped Manjaro with i3 on it (as was the case with my old laptop using an AMD processor). With the default installation (using the xf86-video-intel driver) the laptop was unusable due to the amount of flickering, artifacts and in general epilepsy-inducing shenanigans from the integrated GPU. After removing the driver the system works fine but refuses to handle two displays at the same time. When using mons -e right or xrandr --output DP-3 --auto --right-of eDP-1 the primary display works fine but the secondary display just remains black and only appears to show the mouse (I can open new windows in the second workspace but they only show when I move them back to primary monitor).

Also as the tearing is quite annoying I would like to use the intel driver in order to use the TearFree option.

As it is my first time posting in this forum I am quite unsure about which logs might be useful but I will be glad to provide them.

Thank you very much in advance for any help.

Please read the arch wiki entry for the Intel GPUs. Your device is too new and does not need or have any X configuration.


Without a detailed description of your system, there’s not much to go on for help.

Thank you for your reply.
I have read the entry on the Arch wiki. In the meantime I switched back to the mesa driver and I only have the problem related to the second monitor being black but showing the mouse.
Any idea or hint about what the problem could be? As the mouse is showing it is probably not a problem of xrandr. Could it be something picom related?

Edit: After disabling picom with killall picom it seems to work correctly.

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